INCA celebrates its first anniversary

2 October 2023 By

INCA has completed its first year of operation. Since October 2022, the project consortium has been laying the foundations to make INCA the ambitious project it was designed to be.

During this first year, the project has taken the first steps towards analysing how the corporate power of large digital platforms affects broader aspects of our societies, specifically in three dimensions: politics, economics and public opinion.

To this end, and intending to disseminate progress and research, we have launched the INCA Workshop Series: a series of events related to the project. In this first year, INCA has held one of them, Global Infrastructures: The Production of the Modern World, by partners from the University of Bologna. The second INCA workshop series will be the 12th of October: From ‘Big Tech’ to ‘Small Tech’: Values, Norm-Building and Open-Source, by the Berlin team of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG).

In addition to these events, INCA also organised an exhibition in its first year: Data is a relation, not a property.

With great enthusiasm and excitement, INCA is ready to embark on a second year of progress and learning. This is just the beginning. Don’t miss what’s coming up!