Presentation of the INCA project

INCA investigates the impact of digital platforms on European democracies and institutions. In particular, the so-called GAFAMs (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft) are increasingly becoming infrastructures for opinion-making, work organization and political debate. The role of European societies seems to be reduced due to difficulties in regulating the corporate power of platforms that pervades politics, economy and culture.

Think Tank

The Think Tank will be a permanent observatory of digital corporations and their political impact and will promote a shared vision of democratic principles for the inclusive growth of the economy through platforms and digitalization. It will promote a shared version of democratic principles of the open-access database of the project research results and activities.

What challenges are European democracies and institutions facing in their relationship with digital platforms?

Researchers from the project consortium have given us their views on the challenges facing European democracies and institutions in relation to digital platforms, such as the constitution of labour relations, the redistribution of power or the need for alternative platforms.
What challenges do you see for European democracies and institutions? Let us know what you think!

INCA has completed its first year of operation. Since October 2022, the project consortium has been laying the foundations to make INCA the ambitious project it was designed to be.

With great enthusiasm and excitement, INCA is ready to embark on a second year of progress and learning. This is just the beginning. Don’t miss what’s coming up!

Work and lessons of the first year

Analysis of corporate political discourse (WP3)

Who is who in INCA

Edoardo Mollona, University of Bologna
Project Coordinator

Mattia Frapporti, University of Bologna

Olga Jubany, University of Barcelona

Alina Kontareva, The Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society

Adam Mrozowicki,
University of Wrocław

Liisa Talving, University of Tartu

Inge Graef, Tilburg University

Pietro Elisei, Urbasofia

Niccolò Cuppini, SUPSI

Tiago Santos, CoLABOR

Manex Urruzola, Elhuyar

Chiara Faini, Fondazione Innovazione Urbana