INCA workshop series

INCA is committed to promoting discussions on the different topics that are addressed in the project, such as big-tech platforms and alternatives to the platforms. To that end, INCA partners are organising workshops with experts on different topics.

Find below the summary of all workshops held so far, with a link to the pages where all information, including the recording of the workshop, when available, is provided.

# 2

Held online on 12 October 2023

Alina Kontareva, INCA partner and senior researcher in the Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society research group at the HIIG

Christina Dinar, Junior Researcher for Platform Governance at Leibniz Institut for Media Research|Hans Bredow Institut
Martin Kenney, Distinguished Professor of Community and Regional Development at the University of California, Davis, and Senior Project Director at the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy

# 1

Held at the University of Bologna on 9 June 2023

Franco Tomassoni, INCA partner from Colabor
Amedeo Policante, IHC-Nova Lisbon
Mattia Frapporti, INCA partner from UNIBO

Maria do Mar Gago, IHC – Nova Lisbon
Romario Sampaio Basilio, Nova Lisbon
Emilio Distretti, University of Basilea
Matteo Aria, La Sapienza
Erica Borg, King’s College
Lorenzo Pezzani, University of Bologna
Alina Kontareva, HIIG
Martin Kenney, University of California, Davis
Marco Marrone, University of Salento
Davide Blotta, Abdallah Hassan and Riccardo Sacco, University of Urbino