INCA has established synergies with similar initiatives with the aim of fostering a networking environment and maximising project impact and dissemination of results, as well as facilitating knowledge exchange and mutual learning.

These projects focus on challenges to liberal democracy, analysing long-term trends in fundamental rights and the rule of law, and exploring potential tensions between different ideals. All of them provide reflections on how political liberalism can be actualized and show the implications for democratic governance institutions.

The following projects have agreed to cooperate:


The Interchange between Democratic Institutions and the Globalisation of the Economy.

DemoTrans is an impact-driven research project that will provide theoretically and empirically robust recommendations on how to reinvigorate democratic governance by improving the accountability, transparency, effectiveness and trustworthiness of rule-of-law based institutions and policies.

DemoTrans website


The Rebalance Observatory provides new evidence, resources, and insights to help rebalance democracy and capitalism.

Rebalance project is a collaboration between seven European universities and an international NGO. We seek to provide new insights, resources, events, and learning materials to help foster a rebalancing of capitalism and democracy.

Rebalance website