INCA presents its results at the 40th EGOS Colloquium

10 July 2024 By

On 4-6 July 2024, the INCA partners Edoardo Mollona (the project coordinator, from UNIBO), Alina Contareva (HIIG) and Stephan Bohn (HIIG) participated in the 40th EGOS Colloquium in Milan (Italy), entitled “Crossroads for organizations: Time, Space, and People”.

The framework within which this colloquium was set is that today’s organisations are at a crossroads in two dimensions: in time, because the potentially pervasive transformations led by digital innovation, massive data, and artificial intelligence call for new strategies of action to be fully and sustainably exploited; in space, since they are dealing with the governance of major humanity challenges (e.g., climate change, migrations, pandemics) in an increasingly interconnected world, and this requires new forms of coordination to achieve effective cooperation, frequently at the global level and including heterogeneous institutions (e.g., governments, large corporations, associations, and so forth).

The INCA partners participated in different sub-themes by presenting the results emerged in the research carried out within the project. In the sub-theme devoted to “Organizing for and against Digital Platforms” Alina talked about “Are there platform alternatives? The role of data network effects in Yandex building a domestic online platform”, whereas Edoardo’s participation was about “What people say when they talk about GAFAM? The emergence of hegemony and counter-hegemony in the discourse on digital platforms”. Finally, Stephan contributed by talking about ” How the construction of narratives contributed to the emergence of the digital platform field” in the sub-theme dedicated to “Cultural Entrepreneurship: Identifying the Actors, Investigating the Processes, and Describing the Consequences”.