Book publication with the collaboration of the INCA team

18 June 2024 By

INCA project coordinator Edoardo Mollona has co-edited a book entitled: “Disruptive Digitalisation and Platforms: Risks and Opportunities of the Great Transformation of Politics, Socio-economic Models, Work, and Education“.

He has been in charge of the first section of the book, on digital capitalism, and is responsible for the first chapter entitled “Post-Privatisation and Corporate Political Responsibility: Negotiation of rights and duties in platform economy”.

In addition, other INCA members have also collaborated in the publication. Niccolò Cuppini, Mattia Frapporti and Maurilio Pirone are the authors of the second chapter: “The Birth of a Power: Amazon between infrastructurisation, data control and resistance”.

This book touches on a core theme of INCA, because it provides an overview of the opportunities and risks of digitalisation and the platforms that embody it and constitute society’s new infrastructure. The publication helps to comprehend its main players, such as the American GAFAM, their power and its sources, their architecture, and their impact on different industries and professions, labour markets, companies, and education.

Through their participation in the book, INCA members contribute to examining how socio-technical advances can be created or used for the benefit of all while avoiding major risks.