INCA attracts media attention

28 May 2024 By

The INCA project is generating media interest. Taking advantage of the first Scientific Meeting held in Donostia/San Sebastian on 16-17 May, some of the main media in the Basque Country came to cover the event and to delve into the research work we are carrying out on the power of Big Tech. The project coordinator, Edoardo Mollona, met with the journalists leading to the following news items.

On the one hand, the Basque public television channel dedicated an audiovisual piece presenting the project and the results obtained on what European citizens feel about technological giants.

On the other hand, the newspaper Gara devoted a page to an interview in which the headline pointed out that only 5% of the press articles have a positive view of the big platforms.

Thirdly, the newspaper Berria also reports the conversation that the journalist had with the INCA coordinator, but in this case, it brings to the forefront a sentence by Edoardo Mollona in which he indicates that we are moving towards digital capitalism and that data is the capital.